“He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.”  Chinese Proverb. As the fast unto death by social activism has galvanized many nations of late, Moorer, the Italian outerwear company’s apprehension mounted before proceeding their take on the future consumers’ needs of a rapidly changing world.  An overwhelming majority of the new steadfast generation is awaiting excellence in both fit and performance. Carrying the burden of expectations, the strongest players are under immense pressure from our global consumer community to become the most successful and celebrated in their respective fields. This Moorer jacket will have the summit of glory consumer waving their flags vigorously to celebrate victory. Jacket by Moorer. Jeans by 34 heritage.
  • Jacket: Moorer the Italian outerwear company.
  • www.moorer.it
  • Jeans: 34 heritage
  • Confidence Pant
    In Mid Chelsea wash 

    Price: $145
    To purchase: select retailers and toll free number: 1855-HERTG34

  • www.34heritage.com
  • Creative Director:  Joseph DeAcetis
  • Photographer:  Cameron R Neilson
  • Groomer:  Suzana Hallili
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