“The only reason they come to see me is that I know that life is great, and they know I know it.” – Clark Gable.
Fundamentally, style history is a collection of stories about people. Adrian Jules believes these stories are compelling enough to attract a broader audience to style preservation. This philosophy turns conventional wisdom on its head – as anything you save in your style arsenal actually has no value until you put that personal connotation on it.  Does menswear past have a future?  Drawing on decades of archival film and photographs, menswear firm, Adrian Jules, – Custom Bespoke Clothing says “yes” as the highlights in style and technology has made it possible. Here, we tell the story of wool flannel Hollywood waistband slacks with double-pleat front.  All “Made in the USA” fine menswear.  The widespread appeal of this tailored clothier has certainly validated menswear’s new approach of quality tailored clothing made in the USA.  Sport jacket by Adrian Jules Custom Bespoke ClothingPant by Stinson R. Ely by Adrian Jules.
  • Sportcoat :
    Adrian Jules Regatta Stripe cashmere-wool sportcoat.  All handmade.  $1,075.
    Adrian Jules Custom Bespoke Clothing
    1392 Ridge Road East
    Rochester, NY  14621

    Stinson R. Ely by Adrian Jules wool flannel Hollywood Waistband slack with double-
    pleat front.  All handmade.  $675.
    Stinson R. Ely by Adrian Jules
    8775 Aero Dr. #330
    San Diego, CA  92123

  • Cotton/silk shirt by Giorgio Armani
  • www.giorgioarmani.com
  • Creative Director:  Joseph DeAcetis
  • Photographer:  Cameron R Neilson
  • Groomer:  Suzana Hallili
  • Actor/Model:  Fabian Ochoa @  models NYC
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