As the dollar plunges against foreign currencies and menswear retailers continue to face an uncertain economic environment, women’s lingerie designers and firms stepped up to the plate and delivered a potent modern day sex-appeal for the spring/summer 2011 season. On the top of the list were new seductive takes on traditional seasons past. Lingerie made a highly anticipated return with a matchless display of attention to detail which has been widely praised by both men and women alike. A clear focus on shape and form gave lingerie the marching rights to be on grand display- where no-one will rain on this parade. Men around the globe love nothing more to arouse their suspicion’s and yearning for life than grasping visuals of liberated women equipped with modern day lingerie- that which adheres to both attention to detail and body skimming enhancements. This is truly an impressive push to let the gentleman sit back and watch the open displays of exuberance. View more of our Belle du Jour on our feature page
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